AnyLogic 7 software release

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The AnyLogic Company has announced the release of the new version of its product – AnyLogic 7. The developers say this release is a big step forward in product development, and now working in AnyLogic has become easier and faster. The new version also boasts expended functionality.

AnyLogic is a cross-platform general-purpose simulation modeling software. The unique feature of the product is its ability to build simulations with three modeling methods, including agent based modeling, discrete event modeling, and system dynamics. This allows the users to build models using several methods at once and choose abstraction levels. Models’ functionalities can be unlimitedly broadened with Java code, which allows for simulation of systems of any complexity and scale. AnyLogic 7 is the most significant product release in 6 years.

The new version features enhanced support for multimethod modeling, which is the characteristic feature of the software. The developers have simplified the process of creation of multimethod models by unifying concepts from different methods. Also, creation of agent based models has now become easier: now it is often enough to use specially designed wizards instead of writing of Java code.

The new Process Modeling Library is one of the most significant updates in AnyLogic 7. Among other things, it extends modelers’ capabilities for manufacturing simulation by supporting “pull” entity flow protocol together with traditional “push” protocol. Also, the new library allows for easier simulation of business processes with comprehensive resource policies, e.g. staff management in a hospital.

The Pedestrian Library designed for simulation of pedestrian flows in public buildings and transport objects has also been vastly improved, as now users can simulate movements of more people without impacting model performance. The new Space Markup palette also makes it easier to work with transportation networks and pedestrian areas. Another thing that will make working process easier for those users who build spatial model is that in the new version all the objects interact in the unified 3D space.

While working on AnyLogic 7, the developers concentrated on improving general usability: the user interface has been significantly revised. Control elements were placed according to typical user behavior. Now users need to do fewer actions to call often-applied commands.

All AnyLogic 6 models will continue to compile and run in AnyLogic 7. The software will support smooth transition to the new features by offering the users to convert old model elements into the new ones.

The AnyLogic Company is an international company based in the US and Europe. AnyLogic is used for system simulation in more than 600 companies and 1200 universities worldwide. The most common application areas of the software are logistics, supply chains, manufacturing, healthcare, pedestrian area planning, market and social process research.