REHAU AG + Co: simulation high-bay warehouse

Fallstudie Anlagenbau Rehau - SimPlan AG

SimPlan simulates high-bay warehouse for Rehau

REHAU AG + Co is a premium brand for polymer-based solutions and international leader in the building, automotive and industrial sectors.

At their location in Feuchtwangen (Germany), Rehau has invested 25 million euros in a new high-bay warehouse with optimised material flow. After a construction period of 13 months, operation started at the beginning of the year.

The new material flow system connects the 12-aisle high-bay warehouse to the sections injection moulding, coating and fabrication. The production-internal transport takes place via an electric overhead conveyor which runs along a rail system on the ceilings of the facilities.

The control system of this highly dynamic and complex intralogistics system does not only include the entire warehouse management, but also the management and scheduling of the electric overhead conveyor and the load carriers.

Parallel to the planning of the material flow concept, SimPlan also developed a simulation model that safeguards the systems and tested and optimised the control strategies in a virtual model.

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