Dashboard simulation – simulation model for a central emergency department (CED) and an elective center

You would like to see for yourself how hospital simulation works?

In cooperation between SimPlan and the ENDERA Group, simulation solutions have already been developed for customers and handed over to customers as part of various projects. In particular, the interaction of process knowledge of the consultants of the ENDERA Group and the simulation competence of the consultants of SimPlan has made it possible to provide decision support tools.

In order to describe this topic to you not only in an abstract and static way, we have developed a prototypical simulation model for a Central Emergency Department (CED) and an Elective Center. We are making this available to you free of charge so that you can experience it for yourself. This is an idealized process in a model in which you are able to set various parameters of your hospital in order to experience their effects on relevant process indicators (space and personnel) yourself.

This “self-experience” allows you to experience a first insight into the function and benefits of a simulation model. Despite this abstract modeling, you can compare the evaluations with your clinic-specific circumstances.

You can download and use this simulation model completely free of charge and without obligation. We will not contact you unsolicited – please contact us if you have any questions about our example models. We would also be happy to arrange a web appointment to explain details or discuss possible further use cases.

The ZNA is based on a pure emergency operation, so all patients whose initial contact takes place via the ZNA are considered organizational emergencies. Elective, scheduled patients are treated in a separate organizational structure (elective center) and are thus organizationally separated from the ZNA area.

Through the central interdisciplinary emergency department, when ambulatory/lying patients are admitted, it should be determined as quickly as possible whether further inpatient admission is necessary or, whether only outpatient treatment is required.

You can get more detailed information as well as instructions here. (German language)

The elective center (EC) is the contact point for all outpatients of a hospital. The following elective patient groups are thus cared for in the EC:

  • Outpatient (further) treatments, also further care of BG patients
  • Pre- and post-discharge treatments
  • Premedication consultation

Since the patient clientele is purely elective and therefore only visits the EZ while walking or sitting, there is spatial proximity to the main entrance. Emergency patients, on the other hand, are treated exclusively in the Central Emergency Department.

Relevant diagnostics (e.g., radiology) are located in the immediate vicinity of the EZ so that they can be used efficiently, including for outpatients. However, it is not part of the dashboard simulation.

You can get more detailed information as well as instructions here. (German language)

On the site www.krankenhaussimulation.de/dashboardsimulation you can find the download of the sample models.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about our example models or hospital simulation in general. We would also be happy to arrange a web appointment to explain details or discuss possible further use cases.

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