Research at SimPlan

Innovations around simulation

Research at SimPlan

Innovations around simulation

SimPlan is active in research projects and at universities

The contact to universities and research institutes plays a major role for SimPlan. Several of our employees are working as lecturers at Universities to pass on their practical knowledge about simulation.

SimPlan has participated in the following projects as a research partner or project leader. If you need more information about any of the research projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Innovative through Research

The Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft) has awarded our research activities the quality seal „Innovative through research”.


Current Research Projects

Current Research Cooperations

Modellfabrik Koblenz - SimPlan AG

Model Factory Koblenz

Using a miniature model of a value chain, business processes are simulated and thereby illustrated, in order to be able to evaluate business procedures and develop new solutions.

Completed Research Projects



Simulation-based, assistance system-based engineering and maintenance services for Lean Aftersales Services


SOSS (“Speed up OEE with silently Shuttle”) – Development of novel silent product shuttles to increase plant OEE.


Agile factory planning in a highly dynamic market and development environment Fuel cell production



Development of an integrated solution for data farming and knowledge discovery in simulation data

ThreatArrest Logo - SimPlan AG

Threat Arrest

Economically evaluated and simulation-based process model for the reduction of losses in set-up and cleaning processes of manufacturing and packaging plants for food

Forschungsprojekt HyMo - SimPlan AG


Hybrid modeling and forecasting of media and energy needs in the beverage industry

productive 4.0 - SimPlan AG


European co-funded innovation and flagship project for the digital industry

SimPlan Logo - SimPlan AG

ZIM/AiF SimChain

Development of a supply chain simulation tool in the cloud considering dynamic encryption technologies


Planning, training and decision-making system for improved handling of disasters in buildings

Forschungsprojekt OPTIMISED - SimPlan AG


OPTIMISED seeks to develop highly reactive planning systems that incorporate factory modelling and simulation, also using smart embedded sensors and pro-active human-machine Interfaces.

Forschungsprojekt Sophie - SimPlan AG


Goal of the SOPHIE Research project is to connect the real world of production to the digital factory in real time.

Forschungsprojekt cloudflow - Research project CloudFlow


Extensive research project to expand the use of cloud technology in companies. SimPlan takes part in the SIMCASE sub-project that addresses cloud-supported material flow simulation.



The aim of the MobiSim research project is to develop a software application for the use on mobile devices in the production environment of manufacturing companies.

Forschungsprojekt PRIME - SimPlan AG


Research project for the development of flexible production systems by creating a software toolbox and methodology for plug and produce assembly systems in manufacturing.



Learning methods for the automatic conversion of a modelled value stream into a simulation-capable value stream

Logo SimCityNet - SimPlan AG


Creation of a digital twin of the operation of the HSB (Hanauer Straßenbahn) and the vehicle deployment planning of the HIS (Hanauer Infrastruktur Service)


Economically evaluated and simulation-based process model for the reduction of losses in set-up and cleaning processes of manufacturing and packaging plants for food

Forschungsprojekt DISRUPT - Research project DISRUPT


The DISRUPT research project aims to create a digital twin using ICT-based systems to control and monitor manufacturing systems.

Logo GAMOFLEX - SimPlan AG


Joint research project to simulate an innovative reference facility model for beam processing.

Forschungsprojekt U-TURN - SimPlan AG


U-TURN will identify new models for urban food transportation by analysing existing urban freight flows and identifying synergies that can be exploited by logistics sharing and collaboration strategies.

HEPP Logo - SimPlan AG


The HEPP research project aims to increase the efficiency of production planning in the shipbuilding industry.

Forschungsprojekt SimFö - SimPlan AG


SimFö will develop a simulation study that investigates the use of a grid-based storage system as an early baggage store for Frankfurt Airport.

Forschungsprojekt SimEnergy - SimPlan AG


The SimEnergy research project aims to support an energetic evaluation of production and logistics processes by linking material flow with energy flow simulation models.

Forschungsprojekt EDASIM - SimPlan AG


Follow-Up project to AssistSim that developed a data assistance for simulation studies in production and logistics.

Forschungsprojekt LaSeKo - SimPlan AG


Development of an agricultural, self-configuring communication system for the monitoring, optimisation and documentation of harvest processes.

Forschungsprojekt Mefisto - SimPlan AG


MEFISTO provides an IT platform for the building industry that improves the co-operation between clients and contractors by means of process orientation, simulation and new visualisation methods.

Forschungsprojekt AssistSim - SimPlan AG


Goal of the project was the development and evaluation of assistance functions for the simulation of logistic processes in the automotive field.

Forschungsprojekt e-SAVE - SimPlan AG


European research project with the aim to develop ways for increasing energy efficiency in the supply chain.