SimPlan Services

Simulation, virtual commissioning, digital twin

SimPlan Services

Simulation, virtual commissioning, digital twin

SimPlan Services for your business success for over 30 years

Simulation services can generally be applied in all divisions of a company.

Our material flow experts support you from the preliminary considerations in the project to routine application of simulation during operation. With our extensive expertise in many industries we analyse the application areas and goals of a simulation before the start of every project. This does not require our customers to have expert knowledge of this themselves and still ensures that the simulation study is handled by experienced personnel according to best practice.

From simulation to virtual commissioning to the digital twin of your process

Overview of our Solutions

Before you start production, a Digital Production Twin can help you check how a manufacturing process works in production. In the course of a simulation and an analysis of the process with a Digital Twin, it is possible for companies to create a methodology for production that remains effective under a variety of conditions.

By creating Digital Twins from all of the manufacturing equipment, production can make additional improvements.

Using the information obtained from the production twins, it is possible to prevent costly downtime and even predict preventive maintenance. This enables more efficient, faster and fail-safe manufacturing processes.

Material flow simulation

Illustration Demo3D IT-Speicher

Distribution logistics

Application areas for simulation range from feasibility studies to support during rough and detailed planning as well as in the realization and commissioning phase of the logistics system

Illustration einer Produktionslogistik

Production logistics

In particular simulation of intra-company shipments, storage as well as of service processes

Grafik SimPlan Produktion


From mapping single production lines for the dimensioning of production resources and buffer sizes to the modeling of entire production plants, including their intralogistics systems


Factory Planning

Already in the early steps of planning, simulation can support the planner in important decisions.

Grafik zu einem SimChain Liefernetzwerk

Supply chain simulation

Allows the analysis of structural bottlenecks and of a supply chain’s behaviour while taking dynamic influencing variables into account (e.g. disturbances, fluctuating capacities and delivery requirements, etc.)

Emulation / Virtual commissioning

Grafik Messestand Kaltenbach

Virtual commissioning

Virtual test of control software before commissioning using a simulation model, and thereby mapping the facility in all details

Process simulation

Illustration Fußgänger im Flughafen

Pedestrian flows

Simulation to verify emergency and evacuation scenarios and to optimise service quality for customers

Krankenhaussimulation Modell - SimPlan AG

Healthcare simulation

Simulation is used in healthcare especially to support optimisation projects as well as when planning new and modifying existing facilities, and also to test emergency scenarios


For the implementation of simulation projects, it is not necessarily necessary for the customer to purchase simulation software, as SimPlan has all the necessary resources at its disposal.

Under certain circumstances, however, the purchase of simulation software can make sense. SimPlan also supports here with the analysis of the areas of application, the cost/benefit consideration, the selection of the suitable simulation software, training of the personnel up to the integration of the simulation solution in the company. This includes the development of simulation modules and the integration of all relevant interfaces, as well as long-term supervision, maintenance and support.


Implementation of simulation tools

What should be considered when selecting and implementing simulation tools?


Project support

SimPlan supports with its industry-experienced simulation experts

Coaching bei der SimPlan AG


Personal and individual project support by a simulation expert

Arbeitnehmerüberlassung SimPlan AG

Personnel leasing

We offer simulation experts as part of personnel leasing agreements if your company temporarily needs increased simulation capacities

Complementary topics


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is now an established technology for optimally designing or controlling processes in production, logistics, supply chains or other areas.

SimVSM - App zur mobilen Wertstromanalyse - SimPlan AG

Value stream mapping

Capture, document, simulate and analyse value streams on the tablet


3D animation and virtual reality

Dynamic 3D animation facilitates understanding of planned systems. VR goggles allow virtual inspection and dynamic interaction with the simulated system.


Process Mining

Analysis and modelling of business processes and material flows based on metering point data

Software development

If you have any questions about our Services or you require help in a special field of simulation that you don’t find covered here, contact us! We constantly broaden our area of expertise and therefore our range of services, because your satisfaction is our goal.

See for yourself how effective our solutions are!