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Fallstudie Singapore Aero Engine Services
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Singapore Aero Engine Services (SAESL) plans the future

SAESL is the world’s largest service provider for the maintenance, overhaul and repair of Rolls-Royce aircraft engines, so-called Trent engines. Currently, the company has the capacity to handle over 300 Trent engines per year. In 2019, SAESL launched a capacity planning project for the next 10 years, during which SAESL expects a significant increase in the number of engines to be processed.

With the help of the simulation the following questions should be answered:

  1. Up to which year can SAESL still manage with the existing production capacity? Where are the current bottlenecks in the process and what measures can SAESL take to increase capacity?
  2. Is the planned manufacturing concept suitable for handling the future order volume? How many engine machining stations are required? What investments are required in the module repair area?

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