Hugo Boss AG: simulation distribution centre

SimPlan supports Hugo Boss in the planning of a new distribution centre

Hugo Boss, international lifestyle company and world leader in the premium and luxury goods segment, engaged SimPlan to simulate its newest distribution center. During the concept phase, the basic process variants for the planned warehouse were modeled. The focus was on the order start strategy, the investigation of the necessary storage and transportation capacity as well as the buffer size needed.

The results and insights from the concept simulation became important input data for the planning of the specific technical concept and basis for the tendering.

SimPlan has simulated various supplier concepts for Hugo Boss to be able to evaluate their effectiveness. The major advantage of this strategy was that it made the concepts comparable, since they were all modeled using the same framework conditions and identical result variables.

The advantages and disadvantages of the tendered concepts became obvious and served as a decision-making tool for Hugo Boss.

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