HANS LINGL ANLAGENBAU: simulation of new facility

Lingl Anlagenbau simulates new factory building

Today HANS LINGL ANLAGENBAU & VERFAHRENSTECHNIK GMBH & CO.KG is the leading supplier of machines and systems for the ceramic building materials industry through to turnkey tile, roof tile, split tile, stoneware pipe and fire protection plants.

The simulation of an as yet non-existent plant for bricks is intended to facilitate the illustration and planning of the kiln car circulation in a closed system with specific priority rules for the delivery and removal, as well as for the compliance with additional restrictions.

As a result, among other things the simulation performs the following tasks for potential new customers of Lingl GmbH:

  • The appealing, yet functional animation should enable the customer to see, discern and understand the process sequences and the turnaround cycle (the closed circuit).

At this point the simulation supports marketing-related tasks.

  • The system can now be planned and optimised through various priority rules, the integration of shift schedules and failures, as well as the parameterisation of process, shift, transport and down times via an external Excel file.

Questions that are addressed include the following:

  • What is the maximum number of kiln cars to be used in order to comply with certain restrictions?
  • How many shifts are required and how can these best be planned to comply with certain restrictions?

At this point the simulation supports (production-related) planning tasks.

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