Lufthansa Cargo: Restructuring of a cargo terminal

Lufthansa Cargo restructures cargo terminal

Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world’s leading companies in the transport of air cargo. With the help of SimPlan’s simulation experts, a simulation tool was to be introduced for the simulation of a cargo terminal (covered area 110,000 m² and adjacent yard areas) at Frankfurt Airport.

The tool should help to answer the following questions: How do you restructure one of the largest cargo terminals in Europe during ongoing operations? Which measures should be started with? How can strategic decisions be safeguarded so that the desired improvement occurs? What are the implications for ongoing operations during the restructuring phases? Where might additional resources need to be deployed?

Realistic mapping of the physical processes of the entire cargo terminal with a flexible simulation tool

flexible use of all areas

simple parameterization of resource utilization (personnel etc.)

control of the simulation e.g. by Excel tables or databases (different periods and scenarios, varying cargo volume)

Possibilities for simulation of future structuring measures as decision support

Restructuring of material flow

Reorganization of processes

Implementation of future ideas regarding infrastructure and processes through modular configuration of the entire system

Software used: Plant Simulation

Flexible use/parameterization of all warehouse areas

Possibility to update to new time periods

Definition of scenarios via Excel interface

After the simulation model was created, the model and reality were compared. Important key figures for this included

Converted tonnage per area

Minimum transit time in the cargo terminal / Minimum transit time for the customer

Utilization of the resource and utilization of the area

Quality of cargo

Distances traveled

Proportion of value-added time per cargo item

These key figures matched 99% (as-is simulation vs. reality).

The simulation showed concrete optimization potential right away.

Currently, the simulation model is used by the operator of the cargo terminal as a decision support for every strategic restructuring measure. Thanks to the simulation tool from SimPlan, management is able to make decisions based on concrete key figures.

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