Logyard from HOLTEC: Emulation of the PLC


HOLTEC develops, plans and supplies customised systems for log handling. The family-owned company with headquarters in Hellenthal has already been working with SimPlan since 2019.

  • Test and validate the PLC for a section of the new log yard.
  • Ejection into bypass and reintroduction.
  • Safeguarding the PLC program before commissioning on site.
  • Material flow in the model completely controlled by PLC
  • Logging of selected errors of the PLC
  • Software: Plant Simulation 16.0, PLCSIM Advanced 3.0 and TIA Portal (Step 7) v16
  • Several errors in PLC detected and fixed in advance
  • Parameterization performed virtually
  • Examined part of PLC completely validated à commissioning 3 days faster

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