Bayer – Virtual Factory @ Crop Science

Bayer Modellayout Formulierlinie
Typisches Modelllayout einer Formulierlinie bestehend aus Behältern zum Mischen, Mahlen und Puffern
Bayer Rezeptstruktur Formulierlinie
Typische Rezeptstruktur einer Formulierlinie
Bayer Gantt Chart
Gantt-Chart mit Füllständen und ausgeführten Aufträgen (einschließlich Pausenzeiten)

BAYER uses simulation to optimize production line material flows

In recent years, Bayer AG has introduced simulation for decision support in planning in the Crop Science division. Since 2019, SimPlan AG has been supporting the mapping of the various production lines in simulation models and the investigation of various planning scenarios as part of the Virtual Factory project.

Simulation is used for investigations and optimizations of the material flows of the production lines of various sites. The main issues are:

  • Determination of bottlenecks in the production flow,
  • Identification of improvement potentials,
  • Investigation of shift models or personnel scheduling,
  • support in the planning of production orders or in the formation of campaigns.

The concrete focal points of the investigations differ for the locations. This has a direct impact on the requirements for the level of detail of the modeling. At individual sites, more in-depth use of the models as onsite use is also planned or has already been implemented. In onsite use, non-simulation experts at the sites use the simulation solution created to support them in their daily production control or in planning campaigns.

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